Shalom!  Learn more about our ministry team, rabbi, z'kanim (Elders) and Shammashim (Deacons).

Rabbi Reuel Dillon
"Shalom!  While I am Jewish on my mother's side (surnames: Schuster & Schnell), first and foremost I find my identity in The God of Yisra'el, in the scriptures of Yisra'el, and in my Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus), The Messiah. I received "s'michah" (ordination) through Messianic Bureau International as a Messianic Rabbi. Although, I am now associated with The United Messianic Jewish Assembly ( I am blessed to be married to my beautiful wife Nessa and together we have nine children.  
Being a Messianic Rabbi is a call to greater responsibility and a fulfillment of the purpose that God has for my life. I see myself as a servant of El Elyon to accomplish His will and purposes. I lead, I teach, and make disciples in Yeshua's name, and for Him. The life I live is in obedience to the God of Yisra'el because of the love and great respect that I have for Him. May He be glorified, for I am not worthy. Apart from Him I am nothing and can do nothing. Let us come together, having the heart of Messiah Yeshua, and be used of God to build His Kingdom.  Baruch HaShem!"

Zaken Yehoshua Moshe
"Like many people in America, I was raised in a family that went to a Bible church. What that means to you may be different then what it means to me. That's because the term "bible church" is subject to private interpretation. I discovered that our purpose in life was to keep HaShem's mitzvot (commandments). All of them. So I began to keep them...The psalmist said HaShem's law is joy. I began to slowly feel peace as HaShem began to show me his path. Today He has given me a new family of like minded believers, a consistent understanding of His words, and most of all, purpose and shalom".

In addition to being a "Zaken" (elder), Yehoshua is also our primary chazan (cantor) during our Shabbat services, and plays the mandolin on our worship team.  He is a long term faithful servant of Adonai and our congregation.  He regularly assists the rabbi with organizing our services, special events, and outreach activities.

Reuven has been a faithful servant (Shammash) among our community for many years now. In addition to helping us organize our weekly services, special events and outreach activities, he also plays drums and sings on our worship team.  He has proven to be a wise elder and a great blessing to our community.

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